New updates 21 Januari

Thanks for reporting the latest bugs and issue. We installed this patch now. Run update.exe to install the latest fixes !


- Fixed new sets level requirement
- Changed after reset need to reparty
- Changed Lucky gl item boost (ancient deruf )
- Fixed items attributes, issue on custom sets feels weak
- Fixed Earring mix fail in certain scenario
- Added option PartyExpGainRange)
- upgrade sockets, will keep sockets slots
- Added Assign helper functionality
- Fixed configuration of lua formulas MasterSkillCalc_3rd.lua
- Fixed not working exp bonus of Dark Transformation ring
- Fixed combo skil not getting triggered occassionally
- Fixed muun yellow options do not appear when buying Muun from Ruud Store
- Fixed expiry date disappear from Muun upon Muun evolving process
- Fixed Ice Blood skill attack range
- Fixed Socket item upgrade issues
- Fixed Dark Pheonix Shot skill debuff could be applied in safe zone
- Fixed Channel Change UI gets "frozen" in certain scenarios
- Fixed skills index 67-71 could not be used by RF and GL
- Fixed usage issues of selected skills, Fire Beast, Aqua Beast, Dragon Roar and Meteor Storm
- Fixed Friendly Fire option not working with Triple Shot Enhanced skills
- Fixed and extended rate settings of mastery bonus options
- Fixed Mysterious Stone use issue with weapons in certain scenarios
- Fixed not working success rate setting of seed removal
- Fixed inability to warp to Arca Battle event while being in party
- Fixed resets count not updating in "C" window after reset
- Fixed Talisman of Mobility not working
- Fixed Archangel's Will skill becomes inactive while equipping two weapons with same skill
- Fixed Burst Power Up skill does not apply a buff effect in certain cases
- Added 2 new awakening II types & sets
- Fixed undone set item gets lost after x-shop/trade


Posted 21 / 01 / 2019

Client is ready for download !

We installed the latest patches and uploaded the final client to our mu download section:

muonline downloads:


Further we installed minor translation fixes of names and mu text

- Installed mu online Non PVP server


Standby while the mu grand opening is counting down !

Posted 12 / 01 / 2019

Test rounds fixes

Hello everyone,

After the final test rounds we installed these fixes:

- Fixed errtels/pentagram bug loses options
- Increased PVM for all characters updates
- Increased Master & Majestic EXP system
- Fixed X-shop items and WCOIN drops from bosses/events


We will prepare the final client right now and shortly upload them.

Grand opening at 12 januari 2019 closing in !

Posted 10 / 01 / 2019

Updates installed

Allrigh after carefull testing and leveling up to the max, we have installed the following patch

- All potion stackable 255
- Lucky items trade/repair/store
- Selling & storing of misq items (100+)
- Corrected awakening names
- Fixed item requirements issue
- Fixed lucky items options ( adds 100k hp )
- Upgraded awakening options (55k hp increase + double values on ancients ) and other ancient options upgrades %
- Upgraded 380 items options %
- Upgraded socket item options %
- Reconfiged boxes/medals with custom items and upgrades
- Ingame drops jewel of science, dark-bless/soul, wisdom(socket) drops from random mobs (rare)
- Skeleton invasion spots
- Small wings equipable for all classes
- Added custom items
- Fixed custom items exe & ancient options + jewel upgrade issue
- Devilsquare increased monsters & dropsrates with custom jewels fixes.
- BC = awesome
- Evomon monsters hp, etc,
- minor translations fixes
- Golden monsters invasion improved
- Fixed Kalima drops & monsters
- Fixed Kanturu drops & monsters
- Fixed skills requirement level after reset
- Fixed zendroprate
- Condor flame & feather drop rate at barracks
- Minor spots fixes
- Shop fixes
- Sell magic potion issue fixed
- 2nd wings & 2.5 wings drops at rare rates boxes
- requirements of 2 and 2.5 wings changed
- global droprates further improved 
- Fixed masterskilltree wrong translation to null
- Removed drops of Blood items ( it's part of the RUUD-SYSTEM )
- Added 100 custom sword/maces/lances
- Fixed glow
- Fixed big size issue
- Fixed lag on customs
- Fixed item slot
- Fixed item damage, strong but not OP
- Added Epic boss with drops
- Fixed all skill drops par map
- Fixed skill delays ruining pvp/pvm

Grand muonline opening is set at saturday 12 februari

Posted 09 / 01 / 2019

Finally we have succesfully installed SeasonXIII episodeII

Took some time to config this new muonline version but we're glad to announce we succeeded!


We have setup the server as a high exp server.

- Quality item drops and upgrading while leveling up in an easy way.

- Many fixes implemented, reconfigured every single event to be fun while leveling up and tested by ourselves.

- Carefully investigated every map and set it up to be fun



The next few days we will configure and install our custom features for the best muonline gameplay experience possible! 

Standby while we sweep and test&fix as a real muonline player


Posted 09 / 01 / 2019

Currently this is only one server.