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MaxMu Upgrades to a new more powerful host
- Hosted at England

Fixed possible attack delays while using a selection of skills
Fixed minor translations
Fixed demolish skill values mismatch in the display for selected game-play areas
Fixed some issues on the MonsterSoulReward system
Fixed Earrings bonus options issue 
Fixed inability to gain mastery reward points in lower levels of selected events
Fixed not working fourth skill of increasing attack range
Fixed invalid attack behavior of Triple Shot skill
Fixed inability to use Dark Horse and Ghost Horse together
Fixed "instant bingo" issue after Jewel Bingo game start
Fixed attack range issue for selection of AOE skills
Fixed fast durability decrease issue for selection of items
Fixed invalid kill notice about the killer for selected boss monsters
Fixed GameServer crash
Fixed inability to obtain a reward from monster soul converter once filled with souls (the fix will apply only to newly created converters)
Fixed Inability to use Dark Horse from expanded inventory
Fixed Grand reset system

Posted 09 / 04 / 2020 By MuAdmin


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Mu online season 15