New updates 21 Januari

Thanks for reporting the latest bugs and issue. We installed this patch now. Run update.exe to install the latest fixes !


- Fixed new sets level requirement
- Changed after reset need to reparty
- Changed Lucky gl item boost (ancient deruf )
- Fixed items attributes, issue on custom sets feels weak
- Fixed Earring mix fail in certain scenario
- Added option PartyExpGainRange)
- upgrade sockets, will keep sockets slots
- Added Assign helper functionality
- Fixed configuration of lua formulas MasterSkillCalc_3rd.lua
- Fixed not working exp bonus of Dark Transformation ring
- Fixed combo skil not getting triggered occassionally
- Fixed muun yellow options do not appear when buying Muun from Ruud Store
- Fixed expiry date disappear from Muun upon Muun evolving process
- Fixed Ice Blood skill attack range
- Fixed Socket item upgrade issues
- Fixed Dark Pheonix Shot skill debuff could be applied in safe zone
- Fixed Channel Change UI gets "frozen" in certain scenarios
- Fixed skills index 67-71 could not be used by RF and GL
- Fixed usage issues of selected skills, Fire Beast, Aqua Beast, Dragon Roar and Meteor Storm
- Fixed Friendly Fire option not working with Triple Shot Enhanced skills
- Fixed and extended rate settings of mastery bonus options
- Fixed Mysterious Stone use issue with weapons in certain scenarios
- Fixed not working success rate setting of seed removal
- Fixed inability to warp to Arca Battle event while being in party
- Fixed resets count not updating in "C" window after reset
- Fixed Talisman of Mobility not working
- Fixed Archangel's Will skill becomes inactive while equipping two weapons with same skill
- Fixed Burst Power Up skill does not apply a buff effect in certain cases
- Added 2 new awakening II types & sets
- Fixed undone set item gets lost after x-shop/trade


Posted 21 / 01 / 2019 By MuAdmin

Currently this is only one server.